Well, now you say that you like me, but you don’t LIKE like me.

And you say that you love me but! You’re not in love with me

And we should just be friends.

But friends shouldn’t treat other friends like that; you’re not too friendly when you act like that!

Every time I call the old you, the new you answers the phone!
I would like to talk to old you, but the new you says you’re not home!

Whatever happened to the girl I knew, she was just like you―but way more into me.
Lately you’ve been acting strange or goin’ through a phase; why’s it gotta be like that?

Things were goin’ so great, but as of late, you haven’t had much to say.
The old you loved me, but the new you snubs me, and asks me to go away.
But I ain’t goin’ away!